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Who We Represent

Midwest Engineered Components, Inc is a premium manufacturer representative company.

MEC, Inc specializes in sales of engineered electrical and mechanical component products to the original equipment manufacturer, distributor and the large industrial user markets.

With an emphasis on engineered products that are unique by design, all companies that are represented by Midwest Engineered Components, Inc are highly respected in the electrical and mechanical power transmission industries.

Located in the upper Midwest United States our area of representation includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Wire and cable protection products

Representation in MN,WI, IA, ND and SD

Polyamide, Metallic, Plastic, braided and Specialty conduits IP66, IP68, IP69K Polyamide fittings with metric and NPT threads Braids and Sleeves Cable Glands Fittings and Adapters Cable Chains


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The Motion-Transfer Specialists
Complete Line of Rod-Ends & Spherical Bearings

Representation in MN, Western WI, ND and SD

Linkages and Clevis ▪ Specials ▪ Inch and Metric ▪ 2 piece Economy thru 3 Piece Precision designs ▪ Aerospace and Mill Spec Series ▪ Journal Bearings ▪ Fractured Race Bearings ▪ Stainless ▪ PTFE Liners ▪ Motorsport Designs

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Maximum Reliability Encoders and Tachometers
Encoders, Incremental + Absolute

Representation in IA, MN, Western WI, ND and SD

Light Duty Optical to Heavy Mill Duty Magnetic Designs ▪ Hollow Shaft, Large Bore Hollow Shaft and Shafted Models ▪  4.5”,  6.75”, 8.5”, and 12.5” Rear C-Face Mounts ▪ Resolver Replacements ▪  Removable Sensors ▪ Smart Tach Diagnostic Indication ▪ Direct Plug in Replacement to Competitors Designs ▪ I-Safe, ATEX, and Explosion proof Rated Models ▪ 3 Year No Hassle Warranty on most no bearing designs

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High Quality Bearings and Industrial Power Transmissions Components

Representation in IA, MN, WI, ND and SD

Axis Brand Bearings, Deep groove and Angular contact unhoused bearings ▪ Blackstar Sprockets, Sheaves, Bushings, Gears, Coupling, etc. ▪ Durus Brand Oil Seals ▪ Lynx Brand Roller Chain ▪ Mariner all Stainless Mounted Bearings ▪ Turner Brand mounted bearings ▪ Vortex Brand speed reducers, shaft mount and worm gear designs

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A Full Range of Gearmotors, Drive Systems, and Planetary Gearboxes

Representation in WI, IL, MN, ND andSD

Parallel and Right Angle Gearmotors and Gearboxes Helical Bevel Helical Parallel Shaft Heavy Duty Helical Reducers Planetary Gearmotors and Combined Planetary/Helical or Worm Reducers Worm Gear Reducers and Gearmotors Wind Generator Pitch/Yaw drives  Mixing and Extruder drives


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Quality Reliability Flexibility Keeping Industry Turning
Full Range of Industrial AC Motors

Representation in MN, ND and SD

NEMA and IEC Motors up to 500 Hp ▪ MG1 Part 31 Inverter Duty 15:1 CT designs ▪ Re-locatable Feet for easy F1-F2-F3 conversion ▪ Premium efficiency. 1.25 S.F. ▪ IP55 Ratings ▪ IEC Flame Proof, ATEX and EEXD experts ▪ NEMA Explosion proof

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Variable Frequency Drives for Easy, Precise & Reliable Motor Control

Representation in MN, WI, ND and SD

VFD’s for all motor types including AC Induction, Permanent Magnet AC, Brushless DC, and Synchronous Reluctance Motors Wide power range, up to 350 HP Single phase or 3 phase input - 3 phase output  IP20, IP55, and IP66/4X enclosed outdoor models with optional disconnect General Purpose E3  High Performance P2  Dedicated HVAC and Pump ECO models  Bluetooth interface for powerful setup and diagnostics


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Madison Company
Level, Temperature & Pressure Sensors

Representation in MN, IA, WI, IL, ND and SD

Continuous Level ▪ Specialty and custom designs ▪ Ultrasonic and Radar ▪ Combination Level/Temp ▪ Controllers

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Transformers, Power Supplies and Line Reactors

Representation in MN, ND and SD

Control Power Transformers ▪ Low Voltage Encapsulated dry type indoor and outdoor ▪ Buck-Boost designs ▪ Custom OEM Transformers ▪ Din Rail Power Supplies ▪ IP67 Power Supplies ▪ Line Reactors

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Precision Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Representation in MN, WI, ND and SD

Standard and Custom Gears, Pulleys, Racks, and Shafting Timing belts Gearboxes, Couplings Mechanical Components
Electro-mechanical assemblies to customer specifications Design and Engineering Support Turnkey contract assembly
Class 100 clean room ISO 9001 verified by DNV Design guide catalog available on request

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Thermal Management Products, Signaling Technologies, Liquid Cooling Protecting People, Machines and The Environment

Representation in MN, IA, ND and SD

Cooling Units for control panels ▪ Air / Air Exchangers ▪ Air / Water Exchangers ▪ Filter and Fan Assemblies ▪ UL listed and Nema 12, 3R/4 and 4/4X ratings ▪ Panel Heaters ▪ Thermostats ▪ Hygrostats ▪ Compact and Large Liquid Chillers ▪ Water / Water Exchangers ▪ Visual and Audible Signal Alarms ▪ Stack Lights ▪ Specialty Alarms   


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High Performance Industrial Braking Systems and Components

Representation in MN, WI, ND and SD

Thruster and Hydraulic Disc Brake systems ▪ Drum and Band Brakes ▪ Wheel and Gantry Brakes ▪ Motor Mounted Brakes ▪ Thrusters and HPU’s ▪ Couplings, Hubs, Discs and Drums ▪ Complete Monitoring and control systems ▪

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Silent Chain (Inverted Tooth) Drive Products

Representation in MN, IA, WI, ND and SD

Power Transmission ▪ Conveying Systems Chain ▪ High RPM/ High Torque ▪ RPV/RP/SC Series ▪ Duplex Specialty/Custom Chain ▪ Sprockets, Couplings, Special Gears ▪ Custom Drive Systems ▪ High Temp/Glass Conveyor Chain ▪ Take Out Arm Drives

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Safe solutions for your industry
Machine Guarding Safety Products

Representation in MN, Western WI, ND and SD

Keyed Interlock Switches ▪ Cable Pull Switches ▪ Solenoid Interlocks - Safety Hinge Switches ▪ Coded Magnet Sensors ▪ Safety Controllers - IP69K Rated Panel Mounted Control Devices ▪ Light Curtains ▪ Safety Mats ▪ Non Contact Safety Sensors ▪ IP69K Rated Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, Pilot Lights & Joystick Controls

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Enclosures Designed for Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Representation in MN, WI, ND, SD

Patented Double Sealed Enclosures ▪  UL Listed 4X , 4, IP69K ▪  Cleanable and Hygienic ▪ Single Quarter Turn for all sizes ▪  Control and Pushbutton Enclosures ▪ Floor Standing, Multi-door and Consoles

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