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 Mechanical, Electrical and Motion Control Manufacturer Representatives

Midwest Engineered Components, Inc is a premium manufacturer representative company.

MEC, Inc specializes in sales of engineered electrical and mechanical component products to the original equipment manufacturer, distributor and the large industrial user markets.

With an emphasis on engineered products that are unique by design, all companies that are represented by Midwest Engineered Components, Inc are highly respected in the electrical and mechanical power transmission industries.

Located in the upper Midwest United States our area of representation includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Midwest Engineered Components, Inc.'s Manufacturers

Delta Rotaing Solutions
Logo Dayco Manufacture Power Transmission Belts
V Belts & Toothed Belt Sheaves Industrial & Automotive

Representation in MN,  ND, SD, IL and WI

Power Transmission Belts ▪ Classical, Narrow, Wedge, & X  DRIVE RITE Industrial V-Belts ▪  X , Double Angle, Banded &  X Banded GOLD LABEL Industrial V-Belts ▪  HT POWER Industrial Timing Belts ▪  HT POWER PLUS Industrial Timing Belts

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Logo Delta Rotating Solutions Jaw Couplings ▪ Tire Couplings ▪ Torque Limiters ▪ metal Flex Disc Couplings ▪ Pin Push couplings ▪ Special Projects
Broad Range of Mechanical Flexible Couplings and Torque Limiters

Representation in MN, WI, IA, IL, ND and SD

Jaw Couplings ▪ Tire Couplings ▪ Torque Limiters ▪ Metal Flex Disc Couplings ▪ Pin Push couplings ▪ Special Projects

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Logo Demag Manufacture Brake Motors, Gear Motors & Wheel Blocks
Brake Motors, Gear Motors & Wheel Blocks

Representation in MN, IA, WI, ND and SD

Conical-rotor brake motors ▪ Cylindrical-rotor motors ▪  Gear Motors ▪  DRS wheel block system ▪  LRS travel wheel system ▪ LRS travel wheel system ▪ DWS wheel sets

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D.R. Templeman
Logo DR Templeman Manufacture Small Spring Specialists
Small Spring Specialists

Representation in MN, IA, IL, WI, ND and SD

Spring and Wire Forms ▪ Spring Guides, Coil Pipes, and Catheter Springs ▪ Medical and Industrial Applications ▪ Miniature Springs  ▪ Engineering Assistance ▪ Round Wire + Flat Wire Spring Guides ▪ Coil O.D. .015 in-.125 in ▪ Made in the USA

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Invertek Drives
Logo Invertek Drives Manufacture Variable Frequency Drives for Easy, Precise & Reliable Motor Control
Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC, Pump & Automation Applications

Representation in MN, ND, SD & Western WI

VFD’s for all motor types including AC Induction, Permanent Magnet AC, Brushless DC, and Synchronous Reluctance Motors Wide power range, up to 350 HP Single phase or 3 phase input - 3 phase output  IP20, IP55, and IP66/4X enclosed outdoor models with optional disconnect General Purpose E3  High Performance P2  Dedicated HVAC and Pump ECO models  Bluetooth interface for powerful setup and diagnostics

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Micron Power
Logo LEDtronics American Made Brand LED Company Bulbs Pilot Devices & Fixtures
American Made Brand LED Company Bulbs Pilot Devices & Fixtures

Representation in MN, ND, SD, IA, IL & NE

LED Indicators ▪ Miniature base ▪ Telephone slide base ▪ Relampable panel indicator ▪ Snap/bolt panel indicators ▪ Machine status lamps ▪ SMD and discrete LEDs ▪ Intermediate base ▪ PCB LED ▪ Exit sign and appliance ▪ Beacon lamps ▪ E12 candelabra

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Transformers & Power Supplies

Representation in MN, ND and SD

Control Power Transformers ▪ Low Voltage Encapsulated dry type indoor and outdoor ▪ Buck-Boost designs ▪ Custom OEM Transformers ▪ Din Rail Power Supplies ▪ IP67 Power Supplies ▪ Line Reactors

Request information about Micron Power

Logo Moons' industries Manufacture Stepper Motor Manufacturer
Servo & Stepper Motors & Controls

Representation in MN, ND, SD and WI

Stepper Motors ▪ Slotless & Coreless Motors ▪ Stepper Drivers & Motors ▪ Step‐Servo Drivers & Motors (Closed‐Loop Stepper System) ▪ Servo Drivers & Motors ▪ Integrated Motors ▪ One‐For‐All Intelligent Motors Drivers ▪ Linear Motion Products ▪ Brushless DC Drives & Mo‐tors ▪ LED Drivers & Intelligent lighting Control ▪ Condition Monitoring Products

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Logo Nordex Manufacture Precision Mechanical Components & Assemblies
Precision Mechanical Components, Assemblies & Hard to Find Accessories

Representation in MN, WI, ND and SD

Standard and Custom Gears, Pulleys, Racks, and Shafting Timing belts Gearboxes, Couplings Mechanical Components
Electro-mechanical assemblies to customer specifications Design and Engineering Support Turnkey contract assembly
Class 100 clean room ISO 9001 verified by DNV Design guide catalog available on request

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SITI Power Tansmission
Logo Pfannenberg Manufacture Thermal Management Products, Signaling Technologies, Liquid Cooling
Thermal Management Products, Signaling Technologies, Liquid Cooling & Electrical Enclosures

Representation in MN, IA, ND and SD

Cooling Units for control panels ▪ Air / Air Exchangers ▪ Air / Water Exchangers ▪ Filter and Fan Assemblies ▪ UL listed and Nema 12, 3R/4 and 4/4X ratings ▪ Panel Heaters ▪ Thermostats ▪ Hygrostats ▪ Compact and Large Liquid Chillers ▪ Water / Water Exchangers ▪ Visual and Audible Signal Alarms ▪ Stack Lights ▪ Specialty Alarms   

Request information about Pfannenberg

Logo Pizzato The Leading European Manufacturers of Position Switches
The Leading European Manufacturers of Position & Safety Switches, Push Buttons & Safety Relays for Industrial & Elevator Applications

Representation in MN, IA, ND, SD and Western WI

Microswitches ▪ Safety Devices ▪ Safety Modules ▪ Foot Switches ▪ Control and Signaling Devices ▪ Elevator Devices

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Logo Rototime Manufacture Rotary Motion Components and PowerLift Screw Jacks
Rotary Motion Components, Miter & Planetary Gearboxes & PowerLift Screw Jacks

Representation in MN, IA, IL, WI, ND and SD

Ballscrew and ACME Screw jacks ▪ 1/2 to 3 Ton Capacities ▪ Lifting Heights 1 to 10 Feet ▪ Single and Multi Shaft Designs  ▪ Stainless Bevel Gearboxes ▪ Couplings

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Logo SITI Power Transmission USA
Industrial Gearboxes & Gear Motors

Representation in MN, ND, NE, SD, IA, IL and WI

Worm Gearboxes ▪ Planetary Gearboxes ▪ Helical & Bevel-Helical Gearboxes ▪ Mechanical Variable Speed ▪ Special Gearboxes

Request information about SITI Power Transmission USA

Logo Unimotion Manufacture Linear Motion & Actuators
Rod & Belt Actuators & Linear Motors

Representation in MN,  ND, SD, NE, IA, IL and WI

Electrical cylinder ▪ Linear Units ▪ Electric Cylinders ▪ Mini Electric Cylinders ▪ LMCA Linear Motors ▪ Stepper Systems ▪ MCE Plug & Drive Electric Cylinders ▪ MSCE Plug & Drive Electric Sliders ▪ Multiaxis systems

Request information about Ramsey Products

Logo Welker Engineered Products
Flexible & Innovative Automation Components

Representation in MN, ND, SD, Northern WI

Shot Pins ▪ Part Positioners ▪ Part Ejectors ▪ Part Presentation Slides ▪ Pin Clamps ▪ DB Guided Slides ▪ Dimplers ▪ Expanding Pins ▪ Floating Pins ▪ Gib Assemblies ▪ Ground Blocks ▪ Hook Clamp ▪ Lifters ▪ Lockouts ▪ Mini Locating Pins ▪ Pallet Stop ▪ Servo Shim ▪ Slides ▪ Transfer Pin ▪ Tube Clamps ▪ Wire Clamp ▪ Bearings ▪ Friction Rollers ▪ Smart Stops ▪ Switches ▪ Custom Products

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Logo 4Xxtreme Custom Stainless Enclosures Manufacture Enclosures Designed for Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Locations
Custom Stainless Steel Enclosures for Washdown Environments

Representation in MN, ND, SD, Western WI

Patented Double Sealed Enclosures ▪  UL Listed 4X , 4, IP69K ▪  Cleanable and Hygienic ▪ Single Quarter Turn for all sizes ▪  Control and Pushbutton Enclosures ▪ Floor Standing, Multi-door and Consoles

Request information about 4XXtreme Stainless Enclosures

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